The great price comparator 2023

The search for the perfect household help can be difficult. After all, there are many different companies offering home cleaning help. But which service voucher company is the best and most economical? At Cheqie, we’ve done the price comparison for you.

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Different types

In our price comparator, we looked at the various fees charged on top of service checks. These fees are often charged as administrative or membership fees. But how much does this actually cost? We got to the bottom of this.

The first option is a flat fee payable annually or quarterly. In our comparison, we always calculate the annual administration cost.

Alternatively, there is an additional charge per service check. This can range from 60 cents to 1.4 euros per service check. Therefore, when payment is required per service check, it means that customers who spend more service checks must pay more.

A third option is membership. Your administrative cost is replaced by a membership formula that usually costs more than the administrative cost. Often there are other benefits associated with becoming a member such as receiving cleaning products.

Which option is best now?

In the end, what is best is different for everyone. Do you only have a cleaning help come by twice a year? Then paying by check is probably more advantageous. Do you have a cleaning helper who comes by weekly? If so, it may be better to opt for a one-time annual payment.

Now that we’ve gone over all the options, it’s time to do the math. Below is a table where we have listed the costs of the largest service check companies. There is an additional word of explanation for some parts, that way you are fully included!

Want to know, without calculating, which service checkout company is most advantageous for you specifically?

The equation

NaamFormuleTotale kost per jaar (aan 4uur per week)Franchisekost
Easy Lifevaste kost van € 79 per jaar€ 79€ 250
Poetsbureauvaste kost van € 80 per jaar€ 80,00€ 250
Trixxovaste kost van € 96 per jaar€ 96€ 150
Poetsbureau Comfortvaste kost van € 116 per jaar€ 116€ 250
Diensten Aan huis€ 0,90 per dienstencheque€ 172,80€ 250
Plus Home Service€ 0,90 per dienstencheque€ 172,80€ 250
No Dust€ 0,90 per dienstencheque€ 172,80€ 250
Greenhouse€ 0,90 per dienstencheque€ 172,80€ 250
Makkie€ 0,90 per dienstencheque€ 172,80€ 250
Fermvaste kost van € 200 per jaar€ 200€ 100
Poetsbureau Comfort Plusvaste kost van € 260 per jaar€ 230€ 250
I-Mens€ 1,40 per dienstencheque€ 268,80€ 75