Here you can easily find the household help that suits you.

  • Completely non-binding proposals!
  • Only 7.2 euros per hour with service vouchers!
  • Largest range of household helpers on the market!
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Household help? Check!

Want to start with Cheqie? That’s how it works.

Start your application by entering your zip code or the name of your municipality above .

Share information with us such as frequency, start date & location in 5 necessary steps. This is how we find the cleaning assistant that suits you.

We process your request within one working day. And before you know it, the bell rings.

That’s how you hear it from someone else!

Some satisfied customers

Honestly? I like to curl up on the couch after work. And before work I like to go swimming. Time (and desire) to do household chores is then far away. Thank god for Cheqie.

Yves Van Herck

Who wouldn’t want extra hands in the household? In 2 minutes I requested help and 2 days later I already had a cleaning help. Smooth, reliable and fast. Thanks Cheqie!

Charis Karagounis

As an entrepreneur, cleaning is the last thing I feel like doing. With Cheqie I got a tailor-made domestic help and therefore also at my very variable hours. Very satisfied with it!

Dominique De Vynck

An answer to – almost – everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does domestic help cost via Cheqie?

You pay with one valid service check per hour worked. So: €9 per hour, of which 20% is tax deductible. So net you pay €7.20/hour.
Simple & clean, right?

Do you have domestic help throughout Belgium?

Yes! Throughout Belgium.
From Meerle to De Panne. Everyone can use Cheqie.

Can everyone use service vouchers?

Yes. Oui. Jawohl. Yes. Every private person residing in Belgium can use service vouchers and Cheqie.

Companies cannot therefore order service cheques. Did you know that service checks can only be used for help in a private home?

Do I always get the same domestic help?

Normally yes. Due to circumstances, this could sometimes go wrong. No worries. Then we look together with for a suitable solution for a new household help.

Is my domestic help insured against accidents at work?

Your domestic help is insured for accidents at work and civil liability (damage).

How do I request service vouchers?

Would you like to order service vouchers? But no idea where to start? Cheqie explains it to you 😉.

Do I provide cleaning materials myself?

If you want the extra hands to work optimally, you must provide the necessary equipment.

It is always nice to discuss this together during the first service. Teamwork makes the dream work.

What if I am not satisfied with my domestic help?

Sometimes it’s not a match. Fortunately, we are not a dating app.

Are you not satisfied with your domestic help? Then you can always let us know via the contact form. In that case also, we will look for suitable help together with you.

What happens when my domestic help is absent?

  • In case of planned absences (eg leave) the domestic help will inform you at least 1 week in advance. You can contact the agency and ask whether a replacement is possible.
  • In the event of unplanned absences (illness, family leave,…) the office of your domestic help will inform you as soon as possible.

Can I switch from paper to electronic service checks (or vice versa)?

Yes, of course!


What is the maximum amount that I can deduct for tax purposes per year?

There is a maximum on the number of service checks from which you enjoy tax deduction. How much correct? That is – again – regionally determined.

How long do these service vouchers remain valid?

We’re a bit repetitive, apologies. Rarata… this is regionally determined.



The last push?

Choosing Cheqie is a good idea because…

the contract can always be terminated. No strings attached.

it only costs you net €7.20/hour. Did you know that service checks are 20% tax deductible?

we have a helpful customer service. It’s nice to be able to get professional help right away when something goes wrong, isn’t it?

convinced? Start your search!

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